b'Cross ContaminationSanitizersSoap is not a sanitizer. Hot water can be a sanitizer, or certain chemicals can be sanitizers. Never add soap to your sanitizer.If youre using a chemical sanitizer, test it with a test strip before use, to make sure its at the proper strength. One common sanitizing mixture is mixing 1 teaspoon plain bleach and one gallon of cool water.Dont let grease, dirt, and food pieces build up in your sanitizing solution; theyll make your sanitizer less effective. Change your solution frequently to ensure youre attacking germs at full strength.Rules to remember when cleaning with wiping clothAny time youre not using your wiping cloth, store it in a bucket of clean sanitizing solution.Change your wiping cloth after cleaning a surface that had been touched by raw meat.Change your wiping cloth when switching from food contact to non-food contact areas.After you use your wiping cloth, wash and rinse it before putting it back into the sanitizing solution.Check the strength of your sanitizing solution with a test strip.68'