b'Make sure that your refrigerator is cold enough: 41 F or cooler is the safe temperature for cold storage. If youre cooling a food after cooking, follow the guidelines for safe cooling.When youre having friends over, make sure you have a plan for keeping hot foods hot and cold foods cold during serving. Make sure you have plenty of clean utensils for serving. After the meal, use shallow pans to bring leftovers down to safe cooling temperatures quickly.Special Duties for Temporary Food VendorsIf your temporary location doesnt have indoor plumbing, you are still required to follow proper hand washing procedures. Set up your hand washing stations before you start to cook.Plan ahead for the kinds of difficulties that might arise at a temporary venue. Know in advance what youll do if the electricity goes out, and have extra equipment ready in case yours isnt keeping foods at safe temperatures.Limit the number of potentially hazardous foods on your menu.91'