b'Cross ContaminationFood SourcesFood service establishments arent allowed to serve any food prepared in a home kitchen, and all the food you cook must come from a source thats approved by your local health department. Any meat, dairy products, or poultry has to pass an inspection by the USDA.Shellfish (such as clams, oysters or mussels) must to be labeled with the identification tag. For example, in Oregon, the tag has to be waterproof, 2 5/8 by 5 1/4 in size, and contain the following information:Harvesters certificate numberHarvest dateHarvest area (bay or beach)Type and quantity of shellfishThe following sentence: This tag shall be attached until container is empty or retagged and kept on file for 90 days.Any food you serve in your food service establishment needs to be inspected when its received. Make sure its not spoiled, and throw away or return any packages or cans that are open, rusty, or severely damaged.Potentially hazardous foods have to be kept at 41 F or cooler even during transport. If someone attempts to deliver food that was in the Danger Zone or was otherwise unsafe, do not accept it.74'